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BCS Championship Notebook: Utah No. 1?

While many of the players from Oklahoma and Florida were preparing for their matchup to decide who will be crowned BCS Champion, they couldn't help but take notice of what Utah did against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl last night.

Utah, which is the only undefeated team in the nation, knocked off the SEC runner-up 31-17, a wider margin than what the Gators did in the SEC Championship (31-20).

Jermaine Gresham says he'd prefer a playoff system.So does Utah deserve a share of the national championship?

"When they play big teams every week, maybe we can talk," said Florida safety Ahmad Black. "Not to take anything away from them, but their strength of schedule isn't up to par."

Despite beating four Top 25 teams throughout the season, including Oregon State, which was the only team to beat USC, the Utes SOS is ranked No. 57 according to CBSSports.com, while the Gators' is ranked No. 3. Oklahoma's is No. 1.

"Utah played their butt off and very hard against a great Alabama team. They were the better team that night," said Oklahoma tight end Jermaine Gresham. "I know they are undefeated and that's great, but we have to just roll with it."

How about one more game? Utah vs. the winner of Oklahoma vs. Florida.

"I don't mind a playoff," added Gresham. "I prefer it to this system. The problem is the teams that win now, they think they are the best. If we go to a playoff we can see. I think that would be right."

Stoops and Broncos

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops' name has come up as the NFL's Denver Broncos seach for a new coach, but that's news to Stoops.

"What situation? That's a rumor that I have not heard and no one has contacted me about that so I don't know anything about it," said Stoops. "We're preparing for a national championship and that's all my focus and all my concentration's on so obviously I'm not a candidate."

It's not the first time Stoops' name has come up for a NFL coaching job. The coach with a 109-23 overall record in ten seasons as Oklahoma, including 32-12 vs. ranked opponents, had his name come up for the Dallas Cowboys job in 2007 and the Kansas City Chiefs job in 2006.

Murray = Bush

Oklahoma will be without do-it-all sophomore DeMarco Murray, who is out after having surgery to repair a hamstring injury.

Murray finished the season with 1,002 yards rushing, while also averaging 27.6 yards on kick returns and scoring 18 total touchdowns. Chris Brown, who leads the team with 1,110 yards rushing and 20 touchdowns, gave Murray quite the compliment during Saturday's press conference.

"Whenever you look at us, DeMarco is like a Reggie Bush-type of runner, and I'll be the LenDale White," said Brown. "He can catch out the backfield like Bush and turn something small into a huge play. I'm more conservative and wait for things to develop."

Tickets, please

While Oklahoma has no players from South Florida (Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties), the Gators have plenty.

Florida has 17 players from the tri-county area, including safety Major White (Miramar/St. Thomas Aquinas), who was an honorable mention All-American.

"As soon as the game was over against Alabama, I got calls from people saying 'Can you get me this? Can you get me that?' I only get six tickets so I was only thinking about that."


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Let's Play .... Who plays in the BCS title?

Let's throw some train wreck scenarios out the for the BCS:

Scenario 1 -- Alabama wins out, but Oklahoma beats Texas Tech and then wins the Big 12. Who plays Alabama for the national title? You have to assume Tech is out because they lost late, so the choice is Oklahoma or Texas. Texas won the head-to-head, but will Oklahoma be able to vault the Longhorns based on winning the Big 12?

Scenario 2 -- Texas Tech wins out and they are in the national title game. Florida loses, but comes back to beat Alabama in the SEC title game. Who do the Red Raiders play? Texas in a rematch game? Do the pollsters jump USC up so we don't have a Big 12 vs. Big 12 title game?

Scenario 3 -- Texas Tech beats Oklahoma, but loses in the Big 12 title game, so it has one loss. Florida loses to South Carolina, then comes back to beat Alabama. Who is in? Texas with one loss, the team that lost to Texas Tech? USC?

Scenario 4 -- Florida loses to Florida State, but then comes back and beats Alabama in the SEC title game. Both teams are out. Oklahoma beats Texas Tech. Who plays for the national title? Oklahoma vs. Texas? Oklahoma vs. USC? Texas vs. USC? Let's even throw in that Oregon State won the Pac-10, but USC still only has one loss -- does that change your mind?

Scenario 5 -- Florida loses to FSU, comes back and beats Alabama in the SEC title. Oklahoma beats Texas Tech, but then loses to Missouri in the Big 12 title game. Texas wins out. USC stumbles (take your choice -- UCLA/Stanford/ND). Utah is undefeated. Penn State has one loss. Who you got? Texas, who didn't win its division vs. Utah? Does Penn State jump back up? What about an undefeated Boise State?

Scenario 6 -- Florida loses to FSU, comes back and beats Alabama in the SEC title. Oklahoma beats Texas Tech, but the Sooners lose the Big 12 title game. Texas loses at Kansas. USC loses to Stanford. Penn State loses to Michigan State. Utah and Boise State are both undefeated. Who plays? What if Utah and Boise State both lose? Could we actually have a SEC runner up in Alabama with one loss vs. some random team? Ball State, stand by.

I'd love to hear what you guys think. Any chance we can get to see the BCS explode is always a good thing.



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Non-BCS Schools Making Their Mark

Every year a non-BCS team makes a move and challenges for a BCS Bowl.

This year we have more than just one and they are all making their mark in the latest CBSSports.com 120 poll.

Could two of them crash the party this year? Anything is possible, but the decision would fall on the bowls.

According to the BCS rules:

The champion of Conference USA, the Mid-American Conference, the Mountain West Conference, the Sun Belt Conference, or the Western Athletic Conference will earn an automatic berth in a BCS bowl game if either:

  A. Such team is ranked in the top 12 of the final BCS Standings, or,

  B. Such team is ranked in the top 16 of the final BCS Standings and its ranking in the final BCS Standings is higher than that of a champion of a conference that has an annual automatic berth in one of the BCS bowls.

No more than one such team from Conference USA, the Mid-American Conference, the Mountain West Conference, the Sun Belt Conference, and the Western Athletic Conference shall earn an automatic berth in any year. If two or more teams from those conferences satisfy the provisions for an automatic berth, then the team with the highest finish in the final BCS Standings will receive the automatic berth, and the remaining team or teams will be in the pool of teams eligible for selection by the bowls as at-large teams.

But, a second team COULD be picked as an at-large squad if the bowls decided they wanted to go that route. So if Boise State and BYU both finished in the Top 10, only one would earn an automatic slot. 

Imagine the pressure on the Rose Bowl to either take Boise State, undefeated and ranked in the Top 10, or a two-loss Pac-10 team to preserve its Big Ten vs. Pac-10 tradition. Let the debates begin.

BYU remains the highest-ranked non-BCS team at No. 10, while conference mate Utah (4-0) checks in at No. 18. There is a good chance both teams are undefeated when they meet on Nov. 22. Imagine how big a game would be for the conference where the winner is guaranteed a spot in a BCS Bowl.

But don't count out TCU just yet. The Horned Frogs are also 4-0 and jumped from No. 42 to No. 30 this week. They meet Oklahoma this weekend, which will either enhance or squash any talk of an undefeated season.

"You get to 4-0, and not many people in the country are 4-0," TCU coach Gary Patterson said. "You do it any way you can. You should never look the gift horse in the mouth, so we're happy where we're at, and we've got to get healthy and get ready for a good Oklahoma team."

Over in the WAC, Boise State joined Fresno State into the Top 25, moving up 10 spots to No. 19 after beating Oregon. Most people wrote off the Broncos this year, including me, but they were very impressive with freshman quarterback Kellen Moore.

"With Kellen, when you give him time to see things, he'll usually find the right guy," Boise State coach Chris Petersen said. "The credit goes to Kellen and the O-line and the receivers played well, I thought they made some pays for him. We needed that against a team like this."

Boise State (3-0) and Fresno State (2-1) meet in the final game of the season in Boise on Nov. 28. This is another game that could have major BCS bowl implications, especially if the Broncos keep winning.

Now everybody knows East Carolina's story and even though they lost to N.C. State, they are still ranked at No. 20. A BCS bowl is still possible, but they are going to need lots of help because Conference USA play isn't going to help them move up the rankings.

But the other C-USA team to watch out for is Tulsa. Who sits at No. 28 at 3-0. The Golden Hurricane could run through conference play and finish undefeated, but its unlikely they would move up far enough to crack into a BCS Bowl.

And last but not least, but Ball State is now 4-0 and ranked No. 40. The Cardinals moved up 15 spots after beating Indiana 42-20. Could Ball State run through the MAC and finish undefeated? Of course they could. But don't think for a minute we'll be watching Ball State vs. Missouri in the Fiesta Bowl.

As for some of the biggest fallers:

-- West Virginia fell 30 spots from No. 21 to No. 51 after losing to Colorado and falling to 1-2.

-- Tennessee fell 25 spots from No. 27 to No. 52 after losing 30-6 to Florida and falling to 1-2.


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