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Posted on: December 13, 2010 10:09 am
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Third Annual Old-Man Football

In the Third Annual Old-Man Holiday Flag Football game, the goal remained the same ... have fun and don't get hurt.

I wish we could say we accomplished both.

As it was most our final game before turning 40-years old next year, it might have been a sign that the morning before our game one of my friends, Daryl, texted me saying he hurt his shoulder last night.

Then out at the field on the first play of the game, somebody got hurt. First play!

Bang! Two players hurt after one play, including one at home.

My friend Andy, who is a local police officer, went across the middle for a pass and ended injuring something. Knee, shoulder, ankle? The only thing I remember is him on the ground saying he was hurt and the rest of us laughing "First play! We couldn't even make it one play without getting hurt?"

Aren't we such good friends?

But Andy bucked up and finished out the day. Poor guy got hurt again, diving for a catch and landing on his shoulder. There was no laughing this time around as we thought he might have separated it.

But after a few minutes on the ground Andy got up and said "It's just stinger." Thankfully he was fine, because our orginal eight players was already down two players. That's right another guy, Chris, pulled his hamstring in the first game of the day.

Yes, we are getting old, but nothing beats tossing the ball around with friends of 20+ years. It wasn't pretty, there were plenty of missed coverages, dropped passes and bumps and bruises, but it was great to get out to the park and chuck the ball around.

After three quick games to 22 (score three touchdowns and go for a 2-point coversion at least once. If you miss it, you must score a fourth TD) it was time to bring all the kids out and that was quite comical.

There is even talk of playing another game before the Super Bowl! I think we could all use the month of rest to heal the injuries.

Game 1
Team Red: Scott, Darst, Jose
Team Blue: Chris P., Chris, Andy
All-Time Offense: Troy

Final: Red 22, Blue 7
RED -- Troy 30 pass from Darst (EP taken)
RED -- Scott 20 pass from Troy (EP taken)
BLUE -- Andy 20 pass from Chris P. (EP taken)
RED -- Jose 20 pass from Scott (Scott run)

Game 2
Team Red: Jose, Darst, Andy
Team Blue: Chris P., Scott, Troy

Final: Blue 26, Red 14
BLUE -- Chris P. 30 pass from Scott (EP taken)
BLUE -- Chris P. 25 interception return (EP taken)
RED -- Darst 15 run (EP taken)
BLUE -- Chris P. 30 pass from Scott (pass failed)
RED -- Andy 1 pass from Darst (EP taken)
BLUE -- Troy 45 pass from Scott (not needed)

Game 3
Team Red: Jose, Darst, Troy
Team Blue: Scott, Chris P., Andy

Final: Red 22, Blue 7
RED -- Troy 40 pass from Darst (EP taken)
RED -- Troy 30 pass from Darst (EP taken)
BLUE -- Chris 30 pass from Scott (EP taken)
RED -- Jose 3 pass from Darst (Darst pass from Jose) -- Note: Troy INT return set up game-winning TD

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Posted on: November 28, 2009 6:30 pm
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Thanksgiving Weekend Football -- Old Man Style

It was all about not having to call 9-1-1.

And that was one goal we all reached!

With nine guys all over the age of 37, we headed out to the local park to try and pretend how thin and fast we were 20 years ago in our 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Weekend Flag Football Game and Picnic.

The wives and kids were also there, hanging out at the playground and cheering us on. At the end we brought all the kids out to the field for a little family football.

The rules are simple in old man football. First team to score 29 points wins. You can take the free extra point after a touchdown, but you must go for a 2-point conversion at least once (ball placed at the 5-yard line). If you miss it, you'll have to score a fifth touchdown. Field is 50 yards long. A first down is midfield. So basically you get the ball at your own 5 to start each drive and have three downs to get there.

I've seen enough crossing routes and quick slants and shovel passes to last a liftime. Flag football surely isn't about running the fullback dive play.

Since we had nine players this year, we had an all-time offensive player. This caused some issues earlier with all the trick plays, but it wasn't about the final score, just the ability to get out and toss the ball with friends.

Here are the results (Except for me, I used first names only to protect the old and slow):

Game 1:
Team Red (Darst, Daryl, Brad, Troy)
Team Green (Jose, Andy, Jason, Jeff)
All-Time Offense (Scott)

Final: Team Green 29, Team Red 21
RED -- Daryl 35 pass from Darst (Extra Point Taken)
GREEN -- Jose 20 pass from Scott (Extra Point Taken)
GREEN -- Jason 25 pass from Scott (Extra Point Taken)
RED -- Troy 20 pass from Scott (2-Point Pass Failed)
GREEN -- Jason 5 pass from Scott (Extra Point Taken) -- Note: Andy made an amazing falling down catch on 3rd down to set up the TD
RED -- Troy 10 pass from Scott (Darst pass from Scott)
GREEN -- Jose 20 pass from Scott (Jose pass from Scott)

MVP -- Scott -- 6 TD passes (4 for winning team)

Game 2:
Team Yellow (Darst, Troy, Jason, Jeff)
Team Blue (Scott, Jose, Brad, Andy)
All-Time Offense (Daryl)

Final: Team Yellow 29, Team Blue 21
YELLOW -- Daryl 20 pass from Darst (Extra Point Taken)
BLUE -- Jose 40 pass from Scott (Extra Point Taken)
YELLOW -- Darst 5 pass from Troy (Extra Point Taken)
BLUE -- Jose 10 pass from Scott (Extra Point Taken)
BLUE -- Brad 30 pass from Scott (Extra Point Taken)
YELLOW -- Jeff 20 pass from Troy (Extra Point Taken)
YELLOW -- Troy 35 pass from Darst (Daryl pass from Darst)

MVP -- Troy -- 2 passing TDs, game-winning TD reception

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Posted on: October 23, 2008 11:54 am
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Flag Football? This can't end well

So some friends and I were thinking about getting out to the park on Thanksgiving weekend for a little flag football action.

The question is ... Can a bunch of 35-37 year old guys, who haven't played flag football in 10 years, make it without somebody spending the day in the ER?

I mean there are probably eight of us, some who have had knee surgery, pulled hamstrings, sore backs, neck surgery and then some are just out of shape and 20 pounds heavier than we were during our "glory days".

Anybody else experience a little old-man football games during the Thanksgiving weekend? How did it go?

I leave you with our lineup...

Wes Welker and Brandon Stokley are my idols.Me, 37, I used to be a scrambling QB back in the day, but those days are over. After one surgery and the same knee feeling like it is on fire when I squat, I think I might be left to being a possession receiver. I'm the only guy playing flag football that wants to run the wishbone triple-option. Let the defense come in and run the ball. Forget passing. NFL comparison -- Used to be Steve McNair/Kordell Stewart, now I'm Brandon Stokley/Wes Welker. But I can be David Garrard if we need another QB.

Scott, 37. The only TRUE quarterback we have out there. Don't let him fool you, he says he's got "game speed", but we all know what that means. Likes to go out for some passes too, but mostly is going to end up playing QB with the strongest throwing arm. NFL comparison: Eli Manning/Brett Favre. He'll throw a few picks, but throws lots of touchdowns too.

Steve, 37. Wide receiver and cornerback. No major injuries and probably weighs the same as he did in high school. One of the taller players out there, deceptive speed. Not much a deep threat, but will kill you all day with curl routes. Also long arms for big catches. NFL comparison -- Reggie Wayne/Muhsin Muhammad

Daryl, 37. Probably the fastest guy in the group and most likely the only one that is in better shape than he was 10 years ago. Small, quick, can run the ball and catch small passes and turn them into big gains. Just watch out for that hamstring, because if it pops, it's all over. NFL comparison: Reggie Bush/Darren Sproles.

Brad, 37. The tallest player on the field at 6-foot-2. Used to be fast, probably has lost a step, but being the tallest guy will be a big target for the quarterback. Can catch out patters and deep patters. You dont want him anywhere near the quarterback position. NFL comparison: Calvin Johnson/Muhsin Muhammad

Jeff, 35. Was one of the fastest guys in the past, but not so sure now. Although, he still plays basketball and tennis, so he can probably run circles around us. Probably has the ability to be the biggest deep threat because the rest of us might not be able to keep up anymore. NFL comparison: Greg Jennings/Santonio Holmes

Jose, 35. The big rumbling tight end. Might be the slowest guy on the field, unless we need my wife to play. But he will catch his share of passes in the middle of the field. Just watch out for that shoulder to the neck when he is covering you. NFL comparison: Owen Daniels/Chris Cooley

Troy, 35. Wide receiver and cornerback. Doesn't drop many passes (I mean who really does in a pickup game?). After knee surgery to replace an ACL, MCL and PCL probably doesn't have much speed anymore. Still, he does demand the ball and will catch lots of passes. NFL comparison -- Anquan Boldin/Hines Ward

Last, but not least -- Larry, 37. Won't be able to play because of a neck injury, but was the Mike Alstott in the old days. He could play a little fullback and tight end and would catch some small passes out of the backfield. I guess you are still like Alstott, retired.

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