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Posted on: August 16, 2010 7:07 pm

Speaking Polls with Pollspeak

Pollspeak.com has some interesting tidbits about the preseason Coaches Poll, which was released last week.

One thing that stood out was the fact that the Mid-American Conference has five coaches voting, the same number as the Pac-10! Not that it mattered in the preseason poll, but alot of MAC schools play Big Ten teams, which could come into play toward the end of the season.

Some other quick hits:

-- Florida State is the only six-loss team to make the poll at a generous No. 20.  This likely says a lot about what other coaches think of the numerous coaching changes at FSU.

-- At No. 8, Oklahoma is the highest ranked team that was unranked to end the 2009 season.  The coaches are obviously confident in Bob Stoops’ ability to right the ship after a disappointing 8-5 season.  No doubt they feel numerous key injuries, particularly at QB, played a large part in the Sooner’s record.

Check out the entire story at Pollspeak.com

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Posted on: August 1, 2008 2:48 pm

Coaches Poll

The preseason Coaches poll is out and surprise, surprise -- Georgia is No. 1.

Actually its not that big of a surprise. Most expected Georgia to be ranked in the top 2. What I do find somewhat surprising is Ohio State is No. 3. Is there an anti-Buckeyes movement among the coaches? Or is there just a love for USC. I'm sure the community users have an un-biased answer.

Not that it really matters because the Buckeyes will play No. 2 USC on Sept. 13. I'm pretty sure the winner will by No. 1 or No. 2 after that game and all this preseason nonsense will mean nothing.

The defending national champions check in at No. 6, right behind Oklahoma (No. 4) and Florida (No. 5).  That makes three SEC teams in the Top 6.

The biggest surprise to me is Clemson at No. 9 -- that's pretty high for a team that has high expectations every year, but always falls short. The Tigers are pretty stacked this year, especially at running back, so I'm sure the coaches see them as the class of the ACC.

BYU checks in at No. 17, which is pretty good for them to make a run at that BCS bowl. They won't have far to go to get into that top 12 if they finish the season undefeated.

A few teams with losing records last year, got votes in the preseason poll -- Nebraska (5-7) got 17 votes and Notre Dame (3-9) got 5 votes. Arizona (5-7) and Colorado (6-7) each got one vote.

Potential BCS Bowl Predictions (based solely on the Preseason Poll, which we know means nothing, but it sure is fun):

BCS Title -- Georgia vs. USC

Rose: Ohio State vs. Arizona State

Orange: Clemson vs. West Virginia

Sugar: Florida vs. Missouri

Fiesta: Oklahoma vs. BYU

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